April 6, 2012

The Great Hot Water Myth

Even the best of us need a shower on occasion. After leaving steamy Ecuador and riding on the second floor of a non ventilated bus for 8 hours along the brutally hot desert coastline, we were keen on a well recommended hostel which advertised 24/7 hot water, wifi, and free breakfast for $7 per night. The trouble one runs into is that when asking for wifi passwords or the secret to coaxing hot water from a dribbling shower head is that the staff will either a) give you a confused look and suggest that you ask someone else...until you give up... Or b) just give you a funny look and tell you that such amenities are not provided. Nonetheless, the sheets are clean, the blankets are warm, and the roof deck where breakfast is served affords fantastic views of the dramatic snow peaks. Welcome to Huaraz, home of some of the best trekking in South America!

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